GCorp Consulting recognizes people are an organization’s most valuable asset. The experience, education, training, certification, and each individual’s ability to apply those attributes all contribute to a competitive advantage. The challenge is sharing the information with colleagues and collaborating in teams to maximize those talents.

Each person is a living information repository. Our agile methodology provides a flexible approach to identify each person’s training and certifications. We then apply them to the requirements of the position and expose the tacit knowledge of experience to produce a collaborative repository.


Next, we provide training in the areas requiring improvement. Our partnership with Pearson Vue and Prometric allow GCorp to train and certify those members who require additional knowledge. This approach adds immediate value to the organization, as the certifications are industry recognized standards.

The science behind knowledge management is simple; implementation of a knowledge management program is the challenge. Let us help you build a KM strategy and implement a KM program that begins with human resources, analyzes experiences, and creates a culture of knowledge transparency and intellectual capital that benefit the enterprise.