GCorp Consulting provides network and systems operations support for private organizations and the Department of Defense. GCorp is currently administering garrison and tactical enclaves of systems and local networks supporting 250,000 users.

Our performance includes strategy and design, effective administration, operations, security/defense and maintenance of operational networks for command and control systems. GCorp provides information assurance (IA) at all levels for Secure Internet (SiprNet) and Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange Networks (Centrix).

Our teams ensure availability on mission essential platforms like video teleconferencing (VTC), collaborative portals (SharePoint, Collaboration At Sea (CAS), Social Media platforms (Facebook), communication platforms like exchange and third party applications are reliable, and secure.


Critical facets of network operations include network monitoring; health, performance, pattern of business activity, maintenance, upgrades for hardware and software components; ensuring inter-networking between various network components; general troubleshooting and problem resolution. Video Teleconferencing (VTC) bridging, building static and mobile suites, warranty support, and multi-point operations.

Specific maintenance activities our technicians have experience in performing on server applications include: operating and managing virtual machines, maintaining existing configuration databases, performing database backup, restoring services, and installing software patches.

We also support military specific applications like, operating Cryptographic equipment supporting the security of military networks.