GCorp Consulting understands how information is collected, published, and consumed by multiple authoritative systems and people from inception to delivery. Our approach to IM identifies the flow of information in an organization (internal and external) then assigns metrics to the relevancy, timing, and importance each element provides.

Our training and experience contribute to efficiently mapping those paths to provide management and teams with custom solutions designed for each process. Key attributes of an effective IM plan include: Creation of a charter, identification of stakeholders, and department advocacy.


Aligning capability requirements with validated technologies and staffing to create a competitive advantage.


Establish metrics to justify each capability and map the return on investment.


Analyze, review, update, certify, and document processes to prevent repetitive actions, reduce staffing and decrease cycle times.

These are just a few of the steps to begin IM in your organization. The IM plan includes key facets of knowledge management (KM) and is effective because of the information governance (IG) policies and culture we help your organization create. Contact us today and let us help you create an IM Plan that supports your mission, goals, and objectives.