Big Data, Cloud Computing, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics…

While many companies merely use these terms as sales and marketing buzzwords, we have hands-on experience in developing and implementing systems with these attributes.  We also realize that one-size does not fit all. GCorp takes great pride in working with its clients to employ the right set of tools to complement our clients’ needs and budget.

GCorp relies on Systems Engineering fundamentals when designing and deploying data analysis solutions.  We know that successful implementations require the right mix of people, processes, and technology.  Notice that people come first.  Although algorithms are becoming more advanced every day and are able to take on larger and larger roles, people remain the foundation upon which success is built.  With that in mind, GCorp collaborates with organizational leaders to define the problems they are trying to solve and identify what data elements can aid in solving those problems.


Next, we work with the leaders to identify which people in their organization have the time and skills required to collect and input the data, review analysis results, make data-driven decisions, and take action based upon those decisions.  We then help our clients identify existing workflows and determine which processes are best suited for change.  Only after building this understanding of the people and processes do we guide our clients through the process of technology selection.

Identifying the right mix of people, processes, and technology is not easy and implementing the solution (and guiding the ensuing culture change) is even harder.  That’s why we continue to stay by our clients’ sides when many other consulting organizations would be saying their goodbyes. GCorp helps our clients map out staged implementation strategies, metrics, risk mitigation action plans, and communication plans.  We help our clients implement those plans and bring the data analysis solution to life.  Only after we and our clients have seen measurable and sustained results, do we consider our work a success.