We are health policy experts, leadership coaches, system engineers, workflow and process improvement specialists, and data analysts. Our consulting firm helps healthcare leaders, providers, and supporting staff navigate a changing and challenging landscape.

Outcomes That Matter to Patients

This is our “True North.” We help health systems, providers, and support staff improve their ability to deliver excellent outcomes that matter to their patients. We have found that even a small set of patient reported measures can provide actionable information and drive dramatic improvement.

clipboard_iconEnhance the value of care – collect and act upon outcomes that are important to your patients.


We support process mapping and cost allocation while balancing our customers’ need for detail versus available resources. Then, we help them optimize those processes for value: improving outcomes, reducing costs, and building shared knowledge.

lightbulb_iconLearn to spark improvement throughout your organization.

Data Analysis

Data analysis provides the foundation for measuring current status as well as measuring the success of improvement efforts. We assist our clients in establishing benchmarks through comparative analysis reports. We design data analysis architectures that balance performance, security, and interoperability and help our clients develop the policies and procedures needed to maintain their data environments.



We guide our clients through the critical processes of change governance that include defining objectives, strategies, tactics, and metrics. In order to gain organizational buy-in, we develop communication plans to promote a shared vision. We also examine ways to strengthen an organization’s culture.