GCorp Consulting has been supporting government since 2009 with a professional blend of technical acumen, unique experience, and service provisioning with an emphasis on responsibility, quality, and cost. We pioneered the integration of information management and knowledge management with system engineering principals to build comprehensive communications and social networks.


Our approach generates metrics to quickly track improvement and associate costs with productivity. Our expert staff of industry certified engineers, process analysts and cyber security specialist are leaders in each field. They will identify innovations and propose cost saving initiatives to provide high quality services while achieving reductions in operating costs.

Government Solutions

GCorp’s staff maintain a strong industry presence through our research, publishing of papers and concepts, seminar and lecturing activities and associated contracts allowing us to actively participate in the fields and segments we support. We publish technical guidance to operational forces through specialized assessments groups, support military and civilian exercises, mentor operational planning conferences, and assist with the technical fielding of new equipment events.


Our past and current performance consists of analysis, integration, and governance of computer networks, command and control platforms, service desks and collaborative systems in many unique and challenging types of environments. GCorp’s professional team has over 500+ years of combined experience supporting our government and has built a reputation of excellence in delivering superior, innovative, and practical solutions that meet or exceed customer needs within budget and ahead of schedule.

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